PSA FF-A: add partition manifest parsing

Add PSA FF-A partition manifest structure to VM manifest. Add FF-A
partition package structure (comprises header + image dtb + image
payload). Parse FF-A partition manifest DT if requested by the
is_ffa_partition DTS boolean.

This assumes Hafnium entry point is directly fed with the hypervisor
manifest pointer address (rather than the initrd image).

For a regular VM, the entry point is the start address of the VM
workspace allocated by Hafnium from the mem ranges provided in
hypervisor manifest. If the VM is an FF-A compliant partition,
the VM entry point is extrapolated from the FF-A partition manifest
(start of the workspace as SP header load address plus entry point
offset from partition DTS).

Change-Id: I6947646d0cd6eb3c4d97a31aa589244b365c8486
Signed-off-by: Olivier Deprez <>
Signed-off-by: Louis Mayencourt <>
8 files changed